Personal Details

  • Name: Stas Sușcov
  • Email:
  • Personal Website:
  • Skype ID or GTalk: suscovs
  • IRC nick: stas
  • Phone number: 40765655963
  • School Name: Babes-Bolyai University –
  • Years completed: 3rd year
  • PHP Experience Level: intermediate
  • WordPress Experience Level: WordPress developer (plugins/themes), BuddyPress developer, bbPress hacker
  • Work Experience: Freelancer
  • Anticipated Graduation: 2012

Project Description

Abstract is a resource for digging information about WordPress contributors, designers and developers.

Right now is integrated with a couple of webservices, like official forums and core/plugins trac. My project is about how we can make a better resource.

The idea uses BuddyPress to keep up the information about every user. The webservices that are integrated with it are offering data using RSS/Atom feeds, while the parsers fetch that information and generate a user activity stream.

The improved version would offer integration with the rest of services like:

  • GlotPress (not sure if it can offer some per user feed or global

activity feed)

  • blogs
  • codex (recent changes feed)

So one of the first tasks would be to write parsers for all these feeds, especially for handling trac commits/props and glotpress suggestion/validation messages. Work on the UI, for filtering, searching and grouping users by their type of activity. Write a hooks system that will act as an automatic rating system, generating a karma for every action a user does for/against WordPress community.

Also more profile related stuff can be added, like badges for users that are WordCamp speakers, organizers or participants. So another step would be to write a simple and easy UI to manage users for all kind of those tasks.

Another functionality that can be considered, is to use the groups as WordCamp events, where people can register for it and some pages can provide the event information.

Also some integration with can be done, though, it might require an update before having that possible.

The last feature I would like to see on would be some widgets it could offer, like the Gravatar’s hovercards or Facebook profile badges, where any WordPress user could take a bit of his information and integrate into his webpage or blog (or use this service on forums or trac, wicked sick!!!).

To offer this, a simple JSON webservice will be enabled on and a JavaScript library will be written to finish the integration part.

Received Feedback

This is the second year I apply with this idea, this year with a totally different approach. The feedback I got from WordPress hackers list and while discussing on IRC were both positive and controversial, but mostly related to technical aspects. Almost all of the potential mentors I asked, agree with me that a new webservice can have great impact on the way contributions are evaluated in WordPress community.


Scaling, is the biggest problem I can forsee. A lot of work and testing will have to be done on ensuring all the things work properly and with no overhead. Another interesting aspect would be the UI/UX that should be done communicating with the WordPress UI team!


The working project version will be done by 12th of July, The rest of the period will be dedicated to improvements, documentation and UI/UX work.

  • May/25 – Evaluate all the existing feed sources, work on the features one misses
  • May/30 – Start writing parsers for every feed source
  • June/6 – Integrate the parsers with the BuddyPress components
  • June/13 – Write the karma/rating system
  • June/20 – Start working on the backend options, layout and some basic UI aspects
  • June/27 – Start working on the badges system
  • July/4 – Test, test, test it! Try a real deployment.
  • July/16 – MIDTERM
  • July/18 – Get the feedback, improve the system, work with UI/UX team
  • August/1 – Get started with the Hovercards and other features, get the feedback and bring new improvements

Other commitments: none planned except a short exam period.

Development Experience

For a full resume, please download my CV. I also have a nice github profile 🙂

Why WordPress

WordPress is a project I’m using for long time (some parts of it I love, some of them I hate, but I always get back to it). I’m making some cash with it and I also do my best to contribute back in any form I find it useful for the community. Being a student, GSoC offers more than a simple chance to do both of the above mentioned, It can sponsor me to bring to life great ideas that WordPress community (and I) might find useful. I have also been a GSoC student last year for WordPress, a summer during which I met great people (my mentors and developers from community) and learned interesting stuff that just made me a better developer. All this, just because WordPress exists, for what I have to thank you guys.

After this GSoC nothing will change much, me only will become a more dedicated WordPress developer, with even more contributions and a bigger commitment to the code I will maintain.

Thank you in advance for reviewing my application.