It’s midterm and I need your feedback my friends! You can download the latest Courseware from:

You will need latest stable WordPress and BuddyPress 1.3 to be able to use that.
What you get in the new release:

  • Quizzes support for assignments with a brand new form builder, automatic grading and responses with correct/wrong answers
  • Improved and simplified workflow, replaced sub-courses/learning styles with lectures that have a handbook navigation style (tree, next, previous), a bookmarking system (so you will never forget where you left)
  • An updated UI/UX with icons, cleaner interface and a simplified administration dashboard
  • An updated dashboard with progress indicator (based on solved assignments)
  • Zen mode for editors! 🙂
  • Security improvements for uploads (uploads are now private for every user/post)
  • A compatibility layer so users will never get installation problems because their BuddyPress has a component disabled!
  • Other small fixes, here and there 🙂


This will bring Courseware close to 0.9 release (0.9 because with the features from above, I can finally start calling it a full featured LMS, it’s not a hack anymore). Users who want to play with it, but don’t want to install it, use the sandbox!

Feedback is welcome!!!
Thank you.