To Do list until the end of 2nd period.

  • Finish notifications/activity streams.
  • Finish dashboards

From Jane:

  • Solutions to assignments (tinymce + media-upload) (use a new post type and make it child to assignment post type) ✓
  • Styling, make it eye candy (half ✓ )
  • Fix tinymce autoload issue ✓
  • Add csv info/help ✓

From Boone:

  • Tie assignments to forum thread, one button click creates a thread ✓
  • Put in an activation hook contextual help – a success message with some recommended plugins links ✓

From Jeremy:

  • Add an external CSS in Courseware, courseware.css inside current theme auto-loadable ✓

From Justin:

  • Add iCal export ✓