So the meetup was very productive. Good news is that I’m doing most of the stuff right and overall evaluation is positive 🙂
Thanks to Kunal and Francesco for helping Boone testing things. We squashed a couple of bugs, but it was too easy for me to fix them 🙂

Things to improve:

  • Talk to JJ (Jane & Jeremy) about UI/UX work, and define priorities and todos (some more hooks are in demand afaik)
  • Focus on Gradebook like I drawn, and make it piece of cake to use and eye candy
  • Follow the milestones we already defined in calendar
  • Some workflow stuff: add teachers to check bp_is_group_admin(), add new bib form to any course/assignment page, pagination for all, searchable for all (last two are a bit annoying, but are very challenging)

So far so good. Half of summer over, another half to hack 🙂
IRC logs to read: start, end.