An issue with European and US learning systems.

Boone checked the code today, and we got an issue, more a logistic one rather than technical.
In Romania(Europe) for example, the classes are a basic form of organizing students enrolled in a faculty, the class is assigned a set of courses then.
In US Boone described their organization more like a course is the basic form of students organization in a faculty, and the students are assigned a set of courses (that act more like a Romanian class).

Current implementation is sort of Romanian one, where groups are treated as classes (and that class will be assigned a set of courses), which is different from US and might confuse US students. I would like to ask teachers from different countries about their way to organize students/classes in an academic institution. Based on that I will adapt current version of Courseware to be aware of such situations.

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: Currently assignments are on hold, and I’m working on ‘fixing’ this issue.