First IRC meetup before real LearnPress “ScholarPress BuddyPress Courseware” dev phase starts.
To be discussed:

  1. LearnPress ideas from THATCamp
  2. Final revised scope
  3. Gradebook/Assignments debate
  4. End of design phase, list of features to be included (will be filtered from a list of current proposed ideas/features)

Meetup will be held on IRC on #scholarpress@freenode tomorrow, Thursday at 10am UTC-4. Everyone interested is welcomed.

Small update, the project will be named “ScholarPress BuddyPress Courseware”, as Jane pointed us, since this is a sponsored project, there might be problems with a different naming, so we should stick to existing names. Also Jeremy doesn’t mind using ScholarPress name for this project. My apologize for getting you confused. Case closed.